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12 Volt Automotive Lights.
Locate top quality fog lights, driving lights as well as job lights for much less at Harbor Products! Many new autos nowadays, especially the much more pricey cars and trucks, use LED light bulbs almost solely instead of standard incandescent bulbs. Yet my automobile is just old sufficient, and also simply cost-effective enough, that all of the tail lights, brake lights, turn indicator lights, and running lights are old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.
We carry a wide array of 12VDC LED Strip lights for any exterior or interior lights application. We have water-proof 12 volt LED Strips, 12 volt LED Strips for indoor use and also 12V LED Strips for usage in car as well as aquatic applications. These 12V Strips are so versatile they can be used in even the smallest locations needing power efficient illumination. All of our 12 volt auto led lights VDC LED Strip lights have a 2 year service warranty as well as 50,000 hour life expectancy, for a low power, Eco-friendly illumination service. The majority of our Ribbon Celebrity 12V Strips are UL Recognized, all are RoHS as well as CE authorized.
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